Discover Your Me Time

What You Will Learn

This course will discuss the reasons why putting yourself first is important.  It will also show you how you can plan and organize to find this time for yourself.


Lesson 1 - Making Yourself a Priority

Understand why putting yourself first is important for your mental, physical and emotional health.


Lesson 2 - Ways to Find Time in Your Day

Identify pockets of time that you might be able to use to start meeting your goals.


Lesson 3 - Goal Setting

Learn why setting specific goals is important and go over the best way to set up these goals.


Lesson 4 - Planning

Learn the best ways to plan and learn why taking the time to do this can save you more time overall.


Lesson 5 - Meal Planning

Learn how to start creating your meal plan and how it helps you not only become healthier, but be less stressed.


Lesson 6 - Work Smarter, Not Harder

Learn ways to complete tasks that make life easier and more simple.


Lesson 7 - How to Turn Key Tasks in Habits

Learn how to make tasks non-negotiable and make them part of who you are, not just something you do.

This offer gets you lifetime access to the course.

  • 7 Lessons that give you tips & tricks to finding time for yourself.

  • Access to a personal accountability partner and Facebook group

  • Bonus templates and planners throughout the course

A $25 Value!

Meet the Course Creator


As a busy mom of 3 and working full-time outside the home, being organized was key.  I needed to make sure that I had systems in place to get all my tasks accomplished, plus make time for myself.  After some trial and error and some failures, I have found a system that seems to work well for me, which is presented here.  It is simple though that anyone can do it!   I love paying it forward so other moms  can benefit!